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Sealing pavers after a job is extremely beneficial.  Sealing will protect the paver against weathering and enhance the natural colors within the paver.  Sealers come in different varieties such as the natural look, minimal gloss look, or a wet look.  Sealing a new job will help prevent weed growth between pavers. 


Tired of those unappealing cracks in your blacktop driveway?  The number one cause of cracks in blacktop is due to an improper base depth.  JT Masonry installs a 6-7 inch depth, with a 2 ½ inch blacktop pour to ensure a long lasting smooth blacktop look.  Don’t be misinformed by unqualified contactors.  If you go with JT Masonry you can be assured that your job will be completed correctly the first time!  


At JT Masonry we only install high quality concrete.  All concrete work is completed with a wire reinforced based to reduce risk of cracks.  All sidewalks, aprons, and driveways are poured with a 6-inch depth to meet all industry standards.   

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